GABON GABON | Overview

Official name: The Gabonese Republic

Capital: Libreville

Official languages: French

Monetary unit: Central African CFA Franc

Population (million - 2013): 1.67

Total area (sq km): 267,667


Located in the Equator and central west of Africa, Gabon is an upper-middle-income country. It is bordered by Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in the North, the Republic of the Congo in the East, and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. Gabon has experienced strong economic growth over the past decade, driven particularly by oil and manganese production. Having a relatively high per capita income and strong growth in the recent years allows Gabon to focus on resolving the income inequality.

In its Emerging Gabon plan that was launch in 2014, the Government seeks to accelerate the economic diversification and to better harness revenues from the extractive industries sector. The implementation of the plan will enable Gabon to reduce its dependence on oil, fight poverty and improve the living conditions of its people.

Year joined ICD:

Number of projects approved: 1

Gross Approval ($US million): 21.50

Gross Disbursement ($US million): 0