Official name: Republic of Sierra Leone

Capital: Freetown

Official languages: English

Monetary unit: Sierra Leonean Leone

Population (million): 6.09

Total area (sq km): 71,740


Located on the western coast of Africa, Sierra Leone is bordered by Guinea in the North and East, Liberia in the South, and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. It has been one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. The economy was growing more than 10 percent in the past decade until the Ebola outbreak in 2014. The socioeconomic indicators like poverty headcount and inequality has generally declined in the past few years.

Sierra Leone has outlined vision to become a transformed nation with middle-income status. The key initiatives taken are to implement reforms in infrastructure, energy, private sector development and job creation. However, the country still faces its several development challenges among them youth unemployment and effeicency of macroinstitutions.

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