Official name: Republic of Uganda

Capital: Kampala

Official languages: English, Swahili

Monetary unit: Uganda Shilling

Population (million): 37.6

Total area (sq km): 236,040


Located on the edge of the Equator, the landlocked Uganda positioned in south-central Africa. It is bordered by Kenya in the East, Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the South and Sudan in the North. For the past decade, the economy in Uganda has been prospering with the average growth around 7 percent. The progress in poverty reduction has been moving in tandem with the economic growth as the poverty rate has been reduced below 20 percent in the recent years.

A huge public investment program is expected to drive further economic growth in the future. Although the private investments is forecasted to remain subdued, the investment in oil and the large infrastructure programs is expected to boost the construction sector. A key challenge for the coming years is to become a middle-income country which will require to raise productivity or move labor forces from low to higher productivity activities.

Year joined ICD:

Number of projects approved: 2

Gross Approval ($US million): 50.00

Gross Disbursement ($US million): 0